Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Source: etsy.com via Mandy on Pinterest

I love dandelions.

I love them when they are bright yellow.

 And I love them when they are bleached white and ready to blow away in the breeze.

And I love taking one of them and scattering all of its seeds into the air with one single force of my breath.

This past weekend I mowed our lawn for the first time ever. Actually, I used a lawn mower for the first time ever. It was such a freeing and liberating experience, to do something that I had never tried. And was admittedly scared to do.

The only sad thing is that I mowed over quite a few dandelions. Hopefully they understand.

I'm working on turning lots of weeds that have popped up over the past week or so into wishes. Wishes for good health, a dry floor in our lower level {darn rain!} and the ability to let go and find peace of mind.

What are you wishing for today?

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