Friday, April 26, 2013

{hello friday}

Friday has arrived for me this week like the perfect song coming on the radio...the one you weren't even sure you wanted to listen to or needed to hear, but the music is so sweet to your ears. 

Of course Friday comes every week but some weeks I crave them like my sweet tooth aches for a piece {or 5} of dark chocolate. Today is definitely more on the 6 + piece scale. 

Oh, how I need today...especially once 5:00 hits, and I can go home to Dan and the boys. We'll run out to the "movie store" and let the boys pick out their weekly movie to watch tonight...grab some candy at the dollar store...and then head home to throw on our comfies and snuggle on the couch.

Looking back on the special moments of the week help to drown out the utter exhaustion that I've felt. There are SO many precious, good moments. Thank goodness for those...

Sleeping in until 10 am last Saturday and enjoying a late breakfast with the boys. Taking sweet portraits of them {at their request}. Working on my March Instalife album...creating is the best form of therapy for me.

Watching the boys play on the lawn mowers at Lowe's. Picking out a new paint color for our half bath. Spending an entire hour on my lunch break reading more of The Happiness Project {such good stuff}. And digging into this book...can't wait to start working on the projects.

Looking forward to a lot of goodness that this weekend will bring. 

In the midst of all of life's busyness...what is bringing you joy today?

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