Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{new glasses...a video demonstration}

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you've seen photos of my new glasses from Firmoo. As much as I would like to say I love them...they just aren't working for me.

So this is purely because I'm ridiculous and feel the need to show you all in video form why my new glasses aren't quite the right fit...

Go ahead and make the video full screen to get the total experience! ;)

And thanks again to Firmoo for these glasses...even though they aren't quite the right fit, your customer service was excellent!

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Sassy Lemonade said...

From the picture they looked really cute and watching the video. I see it and oh my huge! It's hard getting glasses online and making sure their going to be a right fit for you.

I bought mine from Eyefly and LOVE them.

Goodluck on your Glasses adventure hope you find the perfect ones soon.


DianeTaylor said...

Ok Mandy, you are right. The video does help see them IRL. You win! They are big for your face. I do love the dark frame on you though..... I had to laugh a bit, I am in the Walmart parking lot checking fb and had to watch your clip! Now onto grocery shopping. Enjoy the rest of the day... It is rainy and dreary here in Baltimore today.

Crystal said...

I agree! I do like the color of the frames also. I agree that it's hard to get glasses online. I mean when I was at the store, I tried on every pair almost and I knew what I wanted in mind lol. I think you should keep the dark, thick frames but get some petite frames :)

Julie H. Schaal said...

It cracks me up to hear you crack yourself up :) How about Warby Parker?? I don't have any vision correction, so I dont't understand this at all but good luck! I do see that they are too large for your face in your video.

~julee~ said...

You totally had me laughing!


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