Wednesday, April 03, 2013

{trust and obey}

my baby dedication in 1978

Growing up as a minister's child, church hymns were a part of my musical memory from early on.  We had a dozen or so hymns that made the rotation depending on the season or holiday we were coming upon. I had a few that were my definite favorites. "Higher Ground" was one of them. "Lord lift me up...and let me stand..."

Sometimes I would sing softly so I could hear my Mom hit the high notes. She has a beautiful voice, and also helped to cover up my Dad's sometimes off-tune crooning which was magnified by his pulpit microphone. {sorry Dad}

If I'm being honest I haven't attended a church service in years. My Dad's last days at our church were back when I was 21 years old, and since then I can count on one hand the number of worship services I've taken part in.

But those hymns sure have stuck with me.

They will turn up in the oddest places when I'm not expecting them. Like some morning in the shower I'll find myself singing, "This is the day...this is the day...that the Lord has made...that the Lord has made...we will rejoice...we will rejoice...and be glad in it."

I don't make a conscious effort to start singing. It is like the music comes from within me and escapes from my mouth before it even reaches my brain.

And sometimes it isn't a hymn at the days when I find myself humming the Transformers theme song while I'm drying my hair. But we all know where that is coming from. :)

Anyway...back to deeper things.

On Monday I was taking a little break from work to make popcorn in our break room. I had been struggling for a few days with something, and I was praying about it while the kernels popped in the background. I was praying that my focus on something could change from a materialistic goal to a more meaningful one.

I was feeling a bit disappointed in myself and also a little {OK...A LOT} vulnerable.

The microwave beeped and jolted me out of my prayer. As I walked over to take the bag out, I realized that I was singing to myself.

"Trust and obey...for there's no other be happy in Jesus...but to trust and obey."

OK Lord.

I get it.

I have no other explanation as to why I was singing that song other than it was God's way of answering my prayer. I hadn't sung or heard that hymn in years. But the words made complete sense.

I have to trust that it will work out according to His plan. And obey His will for me, even if what is happening right now doesn't fit neatly into the picture frame I had created in my mind.

I'm really amazed at how God answered my prayer through song. This is the first time I can remember receiving an answer so quickly, and in such a lovely form.

Has something similar every happened to you? How do you think God answers your prayers?

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Charity said...

What an awesome story! It is so amazing when God answers us so clearly. I have often received prayer answers in my daily Bible reading. Just the other day, I was praying and telling God I am trying to be patient, but I just feel so uncertain. The next morning, my passage for that day included an entire chapter from Psalms about waiting on the Lord and trusting that He will work in His time.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.

Amanda said...

Trust and Obey has been on my heart for the past few days. I think it's hard for me because sometimes I feel like it takes everything I have to either trust OR obey. And yet He asks for both. It's a daily struggle, but I think I'm learning. Maybe. :)

Kristy O said...

I've always liked the song Trust and obey since I was a kid..just the title of the song is a message.


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