Thursday, November 13, 2014

{4 gifts link-up: need}

Happy Thursday friends!

Today is the second week of our 4 gifts link-up, and this week we're focusing on things we need. I know, this sounds kind of boring, but "needs" can actually be fun too!
I've put together some needs for everyone in our family, and hopefully it will give you some ideas for yours! 

First up, my boys... 

Now that the weather has gotten much colder, they need some gear to keep their feet, hands and head warm. I love these grown up style slippers, and the hat set is in Landon's current favorite "color", camo. They both have tablets, but no case for them, so we really should get something to protect them on car trips. And finally, this art portfolio is a great idea to wrangle the art projects they make on a daily basis.

And now for my husband... 

He has been having a horrible time sleeping, and said that having a super warm blanket helps, so an electric blanket would certainly improve his sleeping situation. A nice coffee grinder and pepper mill have been on his list for quite awhile now, and those are kind of kitchen "needs". And finally he could really use a bag for his laptop and this leather number is nice and manly. 

And finally a few needs for me...

I honestly can't remember when I bought my current curling iron. But let's say I definitely had it pre-motherhood, and it is looking a tad worn. And while I'm at it, my hair dryer is looking pretty shabby as well. And now that I'm wearing my tall boots almost daily I could use some new knee socks. This last one is really for the whole family, but we desperately need a new laundry sorter. Ours is ripped and too small for our growing laundry mounds now that the boys' clothes are much bigger, so on the list it goes!

So there are a few things on our family "need" list this year. What is on yours? Link up with us below!



Sarah Halstead said...

Those socks look nice! I think I need an electric blanket too. :D

Alyson McMahon said...

Brookelyn would LOVE those socks. So cute. That laundry hamper is awesome, and so spacious. We could certainly use one of those. I hope you get your needs! ;)


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