Thursday, November 06, 2014

{4 gifts link-up: want}

Have you heard of the "4 gifts" idea of gift-giving? 

My friend Alyson introduced it to me, and I'm joining with her and some other bloggers to share a series for the next month based on this concept. 

Here are the "4 gifts" categories:

Something they want, something they need, something they'll wear, and something they'll read

I really like this approach to gift giving, especially for kids, because it takes some of the focus off of TOYS and adds in things they need and will still enjoy, like a book, sweater or craft supplies. 

Each week we'll be focusing on one of the 4 gifts, starting with wants this week. {Of course those are the most fun, right?}

Here are some fun wants for everyone in our family this year, and hopefully they'll give you a few ideas for your list...

Beyblades / TransformersMagnetic Building Tiles Telescope

My boys are OBSESSED right now with Beyblades, which are a fun spinning toy, like a top, that even Dan and I enjoy playing with them. They have a lot of fun with the Transformers Mashers, which have interchangeable parts. They also enjoy building all sorts of creations, and the magnetic tiles allow them to use their imagination. And finally, this telescope would be an entertaining and educational gift. 

Now for my husband Dan...

He is usually super tough to shop for but this year he's already given me some ideas. Yay! He's currently working on starting a podcast, so he wants a sound mixer. He's also started a hobby of whiskey tasting and I thought these whiskey stones would be a fun addition to his bar cart. And finally, this IKEA chair is a bit pricey but a fun dream item for his desk. 

And finally, a few of my wants...

Coffee sign / Pillow / Poncho / Keen shoes

I always have lots of handmade items on my wish list, and you know how much I love coffee, so this cute sign by my friend Emily is at the top of the list. And how cute is this granny square pillow and vintage colorful poncho? Yes, please! And to finish it off, I have been searching for some fun casual shoes, and these mary janes from Keen are perfect. 

So there are some of our wants this year...I hope they've given you some ideas as well!

What is on your "want" list? Link up with us below!


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Sarah Halstead said...

Love that coffee sign! It is great. So glad you are joining us!


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