Friday, November 07, 2014

{CraftFail book review}

Happy Friday friends!

I have a fun book review for you today. It involves crafting and humor, which are two of my favorite things. CraftFail: When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong, by Heather Mann, is a super fun compilation of Pinterest projects and their real-life counterparts. 
I love the caption on the back...
So funny!

Heather is the founder of and gathered fails from fashion to food, holiday to home decor, to share the humor that can be found in "embarrassing and often pathetic crafting attempts." But she also points out that even if a craft is a total failure, we should still celebrate being brave enough to give it a shot, and laugh at ourselves if the outcome is less than what we expected.

Here are a few of my favorite fails from the book. Oh the beloved sharpie mug...
And the hanger-turned-scarf-organizer...I can tell you from personal experience this doesn't work like Pinterest said it would. And the plastic shower curtain rings snag your scarves. You've been warned! 
I don't sew, but if I did I can imagine my 20-minute T-shirt dress turning out quite similar to the ones on the right...
And this not so angry birds funny. My boys would get a kick out of this!
I love how Heather finds the humor in these craft fails, and still encourages all of us to keep on crafting. I've had quite a few craft fails of my own, but I'll never give up my scissors and hot glue gun. :)

Happy crafting friends!


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Ricefun said...

This looks like a fun book to read! I know of regretsy, a site devoted to those who regret their Etsy accounts. Anything that becomes popular is bound to have a few horror stories, I'm glad someone is being humorous about collecting theirs!


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