Sunday, February 21, 2016

{in my sketchbook + meeting Lisa Congdon}

Goodness this weekend was pretty darn amazing. I had the pleasure of hearing one of my favorite artists Lisa Congdon speak at the Midwest Craft Con in Columbus, Ohio.

If you aren't familiar with Lisa's work, she does lovely illustrations and her journey to becoming a professional artist has been a huge encouragement to me these past few years. So, to hear her speak and get to meet her was such a treat. I also got to spend the day with my good friend Sara who is also a Lisa fan.

It was an exhausting day for this introvert, but I came away with some great ideas and tips, a super encouraging one-on-one with a book agent, and topped it off with a high-five from Lisa. I mean, come on. :)

And oh yes...this post was supposed to include some recent peeks into my sketchbook too!

Clouds, feathers, and coffee. Some of my favorite things!

Hope your week is off to a good start!



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