Monday, February 12, 2007


First of all...congrats to my fave girl group, the Dixie Chicks! 5 Grammies last night!! They are proof that you can come back from anything and be succesful. I love the CD and this was so well deserved.

Button rings!! How cute are these?! I've just found a favorite new online shop...Inspire Company carries these adorable rings and all sorts of whimsical finds.

Look at these adorable shadowboxes from Curious Bird...the colors and prints are mesmerizing!

I just loooove this cabinet...the pink and brown combo is just so beautiful...if I have a little girl she won't be able to escape this color palette!



Valerie said...

Cute finds!! I especially love those button rings!!

melissa said...

yay for the Dixie Chicks! so happy they won too ;)

LOVE all your adorable finds!-especially that gorgeous cabinet

Elsie Flannigan said...

wow! thanks for the link! I am gonna try to make some sometime! love that idea! :) i used to do necklaces all the time for RV.. havent played with jewelry making in SUCH a long time...

bookmarking your blog... look at all the cool inspiring stuff on here! YUM!!!!

hugs! elsie

scrapperjen said...

Button rings - very cool!
I like the cabinet too...doesn't go in my house but it is VERY cool!


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