Monday, February 05, 2007

{my salvation}

#1: This Burt's Bees lotion is my savior with the cold and dry weather we are having...I have one at work and one at home so I can slather it on after washing my hands and whenever I'm feeling really dry.

#2 is hair is growing out a little and pulling the top back is the only way to keep my sanity at work.

3rd thing I can't live without...My mother-in-law who helped me with my first major home renovation project yesterday...tearing out the stairway carpet! Here is a before and after shot...still need to stain them and finish painting the trim. cats. They are so cozy and warm and keep me endlessly entertained.

My fifth favorite thing right now is kiwi...I've been eating one with a banana in the morning and it is oh so yummy! Plus I get two of my fruits out of the way by 8:30 am!

On to #6: the living room rug we are getting tonight. I hate when things don't match, and for over a month I've been living with a new sofa and old rug that grossly clashed. Tonight, I will be able to breath easy as I sit on my chocolate brown couch and look at my brown, green and blue matching rug....ahhhh.

#7 which should be new office space. I finally have my own private office space and I'm in heaven!! This week I get to move again to a space with a window...this is just too much for one girl to handle! ;)

Hmmm...#8...feeling healthy! I am back to a normal eating routine, drinking coffee and feeling great! After being so sick, this is like a miracle (I had an intestinal infection that kept me sick for a month).

The 9th reason I'm a happy camper: My hubby is coaching baseball again! Our high school has a new coach and he asked him to be the pitching coach!! He is so excited and I can't wait to see him out on the field again.

And....drumroll please...

The #10 thing that has me giddy with new blogs! Here are a few I just discovered that are so inspiring:

Print + Pattern
Oh Joy!
Another Shade of Grey
Scrappy Girl Decorates

What's your salvation?

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