Monday, April 30, 2007

{new shoes and brownies}

Today was a nice day...beautiful weather, lunch with Dan at our favorite local pizza place, and a homemade dinner of tilapia, rice and veggies. I also got my first goodies from Jenny Bowlin today and I'm so in love. I got some paper, stickers and journaling tags...can't wait to use them!

I decided to finally make the box of brownies that Dan has been talking about for at least a week. The domestic cooking thing doesn't hit me on a daily basis, and I don't enjoy spending much time in our kitchen so that is a huge factor. Once we get it remodeled this summer it will probably be my favorite room. are the brownie *before* pics...don't you just love to lick the batter off of the spoon?! That's the BEST part!

Oh, and here are pics of my new shoes from Payless. The flats are super cute and fairly comfortable. I think I just need to wear them a few times to stretch them out. The flips flops remind me of scrapbook paper, so of course I had to buy it was BOGO so I had to get a 2nd item! LOL :)

Right now I'm watching John and Kate Plus 8 on TLC...I'm amazed at how that family handles 8 children and has so much fun in the process.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday evening! xoxo


melissa said...

yummm to the brownies ;)

lol at the 'scrapbook paper' flip flops-totally something I would think

Kate said...

We have the same stove! LOL! I'm going to have to go buy some No pudge Fudge now I saw your brownies!

Cool flip-flops btw!

Marie Starr said...

Yum to the brownies and YES!to the new banner!


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