Sunday, April 29, 2007


I've seen this challenge all over blog-dom and I was finally tagged by here goes--->

7 random things about me:

1. I hate touching dirt, or anything dirty. I wash dishes with a handled sponge, pull weeds with gloves, basically use whatever I have to so that I don't have to touch anything dirty. I hardly ever walk around barefoot and when I was a child I would scream if there was a speck of anything in my bath water {sorry Mom}.

2. We will have a Starbucks in our town in a few months and I will not be a customer. We have a locally owned coffee shop that is soooo much better and I would much rather support a local shop than a huge corporation.

3. I love the smell of my cats' fur behind their ears...not sure why or how to describe it but I love it. :)

4. I obsess over the weight around my stomach. If my pants feel too tight one day it bugs the crap out of me and I feel bad if I eat anything unhealthy.

5. I can't have caffeine...*GASP* I'm sure the thought of a caffeine-free life scares many of you, but after a month-long fight with a bacterial infection, I'm willing to give up anything to not have acid reflux and/or a stomach ache. I also haven't had soda since December for the same reasons.

6. I have a big band-aid shaped brown birthmark on my left foot. I refused to wear sandals until late in high school because I was embarrased by it.

7. I'm very cynical when it comes to friendships...I find it very hard to trust people and tend to shelter myself from the possibility of being hurt by not getting close to people. I think that gives a lot of people I meet the impression that I'm snobby or stuck-up, which is so far from the truth.

OK...7 very random things about me. :)

So who should I tag now???? Let's see.....


Happy Sunday Everyone!! xoxo

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thriftshopromantic said...

Been tagged-- oh my! :-) Will have to come up with something when I upload my next blog next Sunday.

PS- Hopefully today you're not having a Case of the Mondays. (That cracked me up-- I love that movie.)



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