Monday, April 23, 2007

[somebody's got a case of the Mondays}

Today reminds me of that quote from Office Space...I definitely have a strong case of the Mondays today. Not feeling so hot...stomach ache, tired, headache. Maybe it is because I did so much yesterday. I got one of those rushes of energy and felt like cleaning and organizing. I cleaned up our bedroom and found places for all the junk that was in random places, cleaned up the kitchen, put together stuff for Goodwill, finished painting the repaired plaster in the living room, boxed up my swap goodies for my Cottage Living pal (including some handmade cards that I put together), made some new "art" for the living room from some pretty scrapbook papers and a vintage hankerchief....I *think* that's it....phew!

One little bright spot in my day...I received this tea cup pincushion from Etsy in the mail-->

It is part of my mother-in-law's Mother's Day gift along with this pretty sachet (also from Etsy)

I just love that site...I can search through it daily and always find something new to put on my favorites list. There is just something so great about being able to buy a unique item that was made with someone's two hands in their craft room. :)

Hope everyone else isn't having a bad case of the Mondays!


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scrapperjen said...

I hate Mondays! Hope you're feeling better!
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