Tuesday, August 05, 2008

{au revoir 20's}

Today is my last day of being a 20-something. *Sigh* I had to take a photo to commemorate the day, and I must say I'm pretty happy with how I look for being on the cusp of 30.

The 20's have proven to be quite eventful for me. I became a fiance, a wife, an aunt, a full-fledged career girl, a home owner, a daughter-in-law, an obsessed scrapbooker, a coffee lover, and my newest role, a mother. I gained a husband, two sisters, three brothers, a wonderful 2nd mom - a whole new family who make life more exciting and fun every day, and most importantly, two adorable baby boys. I lost two grandparents, who I still miss on a daily basis. I earned my college degree, went through a rocky career search, but came out on the other side with a rewarding job.

I didn't really have specific goals for my 20's when they started, but now that I am looking back on the past decade, I have achieved almost everything that I would have liked to. I am married with a husband that reminds me every day, every minute, just how blessed I am. We own a cozy house that we have been able to make our own. I have a career that is fulfilling and pays the bills with plenty to spare.

And most importantly, I am a mom. When my late 20's hit, I said that I wanted to start our family before I turned 30. Never would I have imagined that we would complete our family before the third decade of my life was upon us, but our two boys are all we wanted, and all we need.

What a journey the 20's have been for me. I have found out so many things about myself, and grown beyond measure in strength, self-consciousness, and maturity. If I could add one more thing to the list, I would find success using my creativity. If I have one goal for my 30's, other than to raise my boys in a healthy and fun environment, and continue to nurture my marriage, it would be to find a way to use my creative talent to earn money for our family, whether it be full-time or something I do in the evenings or on weekends. I love creating too much to let it just be a hobby that I keep to myself.

So here's to a successful decade, and hopes for an even more successful one to come. 30's...you better watch out...because I'm ready for you!


Katie said...

Just found your blog - your boys are adorable!

Congrats on an amazing decade - i would be happy with just surviving!

keep it up! katie

G+D said...

Oh my goodness MB--this had me in tears! What a wonderful reflection back on the last 10 years. You have every reason to feel so happy and blessed.

And you look beautiful!! I love that you look a picture of your last day being 20. Very clever! Happy (almost) birthday sweetie!


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