Monday, August 11, 2008

{sad and random}

It has been a rough morning...first day we had to take the boys to the sitter. *sigh* She seems great and I know they are in good hands, but I shed quite a few tears driving away. I do feel like super mom though, getting them ready by myself and out the door AND on time! Go me!

A few random thoughts in my head this morning...

I keep forgetting to zip my pants because I'm so used to those darn elastic maternity pants! This is really going to cause me some embarrassment if I don't watch it!

I am in love with a new headband I got last week from the Vera Wang line at Kohl's...super comfy! It looks like a regular headband, but its flexible and has an elastic band to keep it in place. I need to go pick up one in black...maybe on my lunch break today...

Saw Dark Knight on Saturday. I'm going to go against the grain and say the I wasn't super impressed. It was entertaining enough, and Heath Ledger was a good joker, but I wasn't blown away by any means.

Trying to find the hubs a new job so that he can work part time and be home with the boys more. Daycare costs an arm and a leg, even with the affordable one we found.

Loving Etsy right now...looking for a few things to buy with my birthday $$.

Trying to eat healthier and sneak in exercise when I have the time. I walked my pre-pregnancy route last night. It was tough but I did it...felt sooo good!

And some new pics of us and the boys...I could just eat them up they are so adorable!!

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