Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I don't get much time to blog about what is inspiring me these days, but I saw this photo on another blog today and love the idea. I think it could work over our office/kitchen doors in our hallway...

This is also inspiring me...a necklace I just bought and am impatiently waiting to find in my mailbox from Etsy seller moxiedesigns. LOVE!

On my lunchbreak today I picked up a couple treats. I've recently become obsessed with headbands...the kind that have elastic around the bottom so they stay put and don't give you that dreaded headband migraine at the end of the work day. I'm wearing one today that is from the Vera Wang line at Kohl's...I love it because it looks like a regular headband but is so comfy.

I found a couple more at Kohl's today, an almost asian-inspired black one and a brown, cream and turquoise scarf/headband. And for a sweet treat to keep me going, I picked up an orange-mango-banana Vivanno at Starbucks on the way back to work. Heaven!

(yes...I took these photo at work...LOL :) Good thing I have a private office!)

On a yucky note, the hubs hurt his back. It has been bothering him for quite some time now, and this morning he woke up and wasn't able to move without it hurting or find a comfortable position. He went to the doc and got some pain meds, so hopefully those will work. If not, he'll have to get an MRI. Poor guy. :(

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Cassie said...

That is a great idea above the doorway. I totally love that necklace from Etsy!!
sis name: cassie


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