Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I am on cloud nine this morning.

I received an email from Cottage Living, asking if they can include a picture of my kitchen in an ad for their online message boards in their October issue!!!!!! Seriously?!?!

MY kitchen is going to be in COTTAGE LIVING?! I'm so freaking excited that I can barely concentrate on work right now. I can't imagine how cool it is going to be to see my kitchen, no matter how small the picture, in print in my favorite magazine!! AND in my favorite month of the year at that!

I think this is the picture that they are going to include...but I'm not positive. :)

Somebody pinch me!!


Anonymous said...

That's great Mandy! I'll def have to pick up that issue :) And I LOVE your kitchen by the way!

Kim said...

WOW. Congratulations. Your kitchen is beautiful.

RachelShingleton said...

Congratulations! That is so cool!!

G+D said...

OMG Mandy--that's INCREDIBLE!!! Seriously so exciting!! I'm so happy for you!! And your kitchen is so gorgeous it deserves to be showcased--woohoo!!

quaint handmade said...

your kitchen is gorgeous as are your adorable twins! thanks for visiting us!


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