Thursday, September 04, 2008


So Wednesday nights are definitely my favorite TV nights right now because of Bravo and two great shows...project runway and top design. I'm a PR veteran, having watched all seasons and I still love it just as much, if not more, than I did from the start. I'm a newbie to Top Design, having missed the first season, but it seems promising.

Last night's PR was a really good one. Their challenge was finally a really legitimate create a design for Diane Von Furstenberg's fall collection. I was really excited from the first minute of this episode to see what everyone would come up with. I thought that the front runner's from the beginning would be Leanne, Kenley and Jerell since their aesthetics seem to fit with Diane's designs. I could tell that it meant so much to Kendal to do well in this challenge so I was rooting for her, but I also love Leanne and Jerell is just so darn cute!

I'm also a fan of Joe, partly because it is nice to see a straight guy on the show, but what was he thinking? His outfit looked like something you would buy off the rack at Walmart. So disappointing. The only thing that saved him this time around, I think, was his past work.

Kenley's dress was cute, but definitely not jaw-dropping. And she was so rude during the judging! I can understand wanting to fight for your design, but she was interrupting everyone. I'm sure that didn't help her cause.

Leanne...OMG. LOVED her design. The dress was gorgeous and the little jacket...I wish I had it. So wearable and glam all at the same time.

Jerell...disappointing. What was up with that blue belt? His design just didn't fit with the challenge at all IMO.

A couple of my other favorites that I thought didn't get the praise they deserved were Terri and Suede. I really liked Suede's design and as usual Terri really rocked the whole pant look.

Top Design seems like it will be an exciting show...the credentials of some of the contestants are impressive. The first challenge was an entire loft apartment in 2 days with $2,000 dollars. Yikes! I thought a lot of the design choices were very questionable, but the team that won did a great job. Their accessories were interesting and well placed, and the rooms were very welcoming and cool.

I love that Todd Oldham is the Tim Gunn of the show. He seems so friendly and down to earth, and really wants them to do well. Looking forward to seeing more of what these designers can do!


Cassie said...

I Love Project Runway and I am so excited about Top Design! Last season was really good. If you ever find yourself with nothing to are a mom...there is SOOOO much free time...Lol!!...I would catch an episode or two. Todd was on last season too. I like him and he isn't hateful or rude.

Angela said...

Ha! I didn't know you blogged about PR too! And I totally agree Kenley was being a baby at judging.

Kent said...

Oh these are some of my favorite shows too! I wish I cold have Kenley's personal style. She is so cute - but yes does not know when to zip it! Loved Leanne's dress without the jacket. Didn't seem to go together but two great pieces on their own. I recoded Top design - Yipee can't wait to watch!

~Valentina~ said...

Wednesday is my favorite day too!!! Love~Love~Love PR... What you think about last night episode?
Honestly Kenley have really bad (crying baby) attitude :S


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