Friday, September 26, 2008

{yes, I meet my friends on the internet}

So most of my blog readers probably don't know that the hubs and I met online. It wasn't through an online dating service, just instant messenger. I think the days of people frowning upon that are over, and I must say that it has worked out pretty well for both of us. ;)

I figured since I met the man of my dreams online, I might as well meet me some friends on there too. That's where my whores come in. And I call them whores in the best meaning of the word..although I'm not sure if there is a positive definition of whore.

For me, it means girls who are there for you through thick and thin, give you a shoulder to cry on, cheer for your successes and give you plenty of reasons to laugh every day. I met most of my whores on The Nest a few years ago, and some of us go back to our wedding planning days on The Knot 5 or 6 years ago! I finally got the chance to meet some of them this past weekend. A bunch of them got together for a girls weekend in Columbus, Ohio. Unfortunately, I had to work on Saturday, but the hubs and I packed up the boys and met everyone on Sunday for breakfast. The few hours I got to spend with them went by way too fast, but I'm so glad we were able to meet.

Here are the girls in their hotel room with pics of everyone that couldn't sweet. :)

Here's Beth and I...she is the sweetest southern gal I've ever met!

Here we all are before some of the girls had to leave for the airport.

I'm hoping that I can make it for an entire get-together next time around.


jannypie said...

i meet friends on the internet too!!
it was great to see you and your boys!

Natalie said...

If we don't meet at the next GTG I'm going to make a personal trip up to your house for a girls' weekend!

Jackie said...

Hi there! Thanks for your sweet blog comment the other day. I love it when new people leave comments! (As I only have about three commenters it's nice to know other people out there read my blog too!) I was checking out your blog and we like a lot of the same things! In fact, you bought a necklace on etsy awhile back that I had been eyeing! Take care, I'll be back to comment, I'm adding you to google reader!

Jackie said...

I just realized I used the word "comment" way too many times! Ha!

Yo, said...

Awwww, MB!! :cry

I am so glad I got to meet you too!!!

I met J on the internet, so I don't think it's so weird, either. ;o)

G+D said...

It was so wonderful to meet you Mandy! And Dan and the boys, too! I already can't wait for next time!!


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