Monday, November 03, 2008


Our weekend was so full of activity!

Friday we had so much fun celebrating Halloween. I decorated the house in the few spare minutes I had thanks to help from the grandparents. Strung my pennants on the porch railing, hung the Halloween welcome sign and put out the boys' pumpkins.

We dressed them up in their cutie outfits and handed out goodies bags of candy (thank to mom) to the 90 or so kids we had...we always have a good turnout, even though we were the only house on our side of the block handing out candy! My neighbors are party poopers!

We filled ourselves up with pizza and enjoyed watching the boys take it all in.

We're already thinking about what their costumes will be next year. A few ideas in the running are Neil Diamond (my Dad's fave), the crocodile hunter, and Charlie Brown (for Ben). Should be fun!

On Saturday we took the boys out around town for the afternoon. Went to our favorite local Mexican restaurant for lunch, took a trip through a flea market, did some necessary grocery shopping, and took a nice walk in the park. It was a beautiful fall day and I'm smacking myself for not having the camera with us to capture the moment.

Yesterday we had a very eventful day...the boys' first trip to IKEA! It was so much fun.

Landon had an encounter with a giant, but snuggly, alligator.

Ben got his very own bear to cuddle.

They both enjoyed looking at everything...kept their little minds occupied the whole time.

Ben was very curious of Grandma Joyce's soup, and got to hold her bread for a second. They will be eating solid food before we know it!

After IKEA we went to Jungle Jim's which is a huge grocery store...very cool. Dan picked up a few beers from their huge selection. We also made a stop at Target where I picked up some fun goodies from the dollar spot. That is my favorite place in the whole store. LOL :) And finally we had dinner at Panera before heading home. Landon even got a small taste of my soup and seemed to enjoy it.

We were exhausted when we got home, but it was well worth a day so full of memories.

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RachelShingleton said...

LOVE your pennant banner! Too cute!


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