Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am beyond excited for the holidays this year. Having the boys may make it hectic, but so much more fun and magical. I love Thanksgiving, but it always seems to take a backseat to Christmas planning, and this year is definitely no exception. Although, turkey day food is calling my name and I can't wait to stuff myself full of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. The best thing is that I get to enjoy two mom and mother-in-law are both excellent cooks.

So back to Christmas. One thing I'm really excited about is taking pics of the boys for our Christmas card. I'm ordering two of these adorable santa hats and we're going to do our own photoshoot at home. They are hand-knitted by a fellow mom which I think is really special.

I'm also ordering these stinking cute onesies/rompers from Old Navy. I just love the funny sayings on them.

And I'm proud to say that I've gotten a ton of Christmas shopping done already. I still need to get a few things for the hubs, the boys and a couple family members, but I've gotten a big chunk of things done which feels great. Is it bad to say that I don't think we need to buy a lot for the boys this year? I know they will get a ton of gifts from family and they are still so young that they'll probably enjoy playing more with the wrapping paper than the actual gifts anyway.

Oh...I've been tagged by Janelle to list 6 things I'm thankful for right now. I'm sure I could come up with a ton more than 6, but here we go...

1. My boys. Little did I know this time last year what life would be like right now. We had just found out we were having twins and I think we were both still a little shocked about it all. Now we can't imagine only having one. Every day is something new with them and watching them grow is truly amazing.

2. My husband. We have been together for 9 years (married for 5) and I could never have imagined how wonderful our relationship would be. We have only grown stronger through the hard times and the wonderful times are even more wonderful spent with him. He is an amazing father and watching him with his boys has been such a joy.

3. Our family. I don't know what we would have done these past 6 months without the support and help from our family. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law and my parents. They have all helped out soooo much with watching the boys and buying us necessities. We are truly blessed. I wish we could do more to show them how thankful we are.

4. Creativity. I am so thankful for the creativity that God has blessed me with. Although my crafting time is limited these days, my mind is always swimming with ideas and projects I want to complete for our home, for the boys, and for my hopefully soon-to-re-open Etsy shop.

5. Coffee. This one is rather trivial but I just love coffee.

6. Getting my body back. I still have a little ways to go, but being abe to wear my pre-pg clothes and look decent in them is so exciting. After being so huge and wearing dresses for shirts (seriously...none of my maternity clothes fit me the last month), I'm relieved to feel mostly back to normal.

What are you thankful for? If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged!! And lurkers, that means you too! :)


Anonymous said...

Intern Jessica :Lurker:
1. My husband above and beyond all. He is what makes my life fun and lovable. We've been together 9 years in December and I've just never had so much fun with anyone else in the whole world.
2. My step-daughter Alexa. Since I've been around for so long, there has never been any you're-not-my-mom outbursts or any feelings of the sort, at least I don't think. I try to be hard on her, but she knows how to play me and I have to admit, I love it. "No, you can't have that...well, I guess you can" LOL. She's such a great kid. (Hubs and the ex parted ways when she was preggo, so I wasn't the other woman or anything. Just thought that would be a good mention)
3. My family. I love my sisters and although I'm always worried about my dad, I love him a ton too. I can't wait until they all come over for Thanksgiving. My sisters who are both younger by years, but taller by inches!
4. My new job. I'm saying that now because I haven't started (not til Monday) but in an economy that is suffering I'm lucky to be getting into a great company with better pay.
5. The Radio Dan Show. I'm greatful that this is something that keeps my husband happy. I love the fact that even after 9 years of being together we can still have funny and full converstaions that not only we get to enjoy, but so does the world!
6. Food - Cooking, dining out, dining in...I love it all! My Fav? Soups, stews and Chilli!
Thanks for including lurkers like me!! Have a great Thanksgiving!

DianeTaylor said...

Hi Mandy! I finally have an account to use to post comments, woohoo!!! Here is my list of what I'm grateful for:
1: Dave (hubs) is at the very top of my list. I know I'm not an easy person to live with - but somehow he puts up with all my quirks. We may fight sometimes but we always come out of it stronger, wiser, and learn from it. Love you hon :)
2: My now adult son Jonathan - who never ceases to amaze me. He will graduate from college (gulp) in 2009 and I can't wait to see where his life will take him. For all the not-so-good things I've done in my life, I must have done something right to have him in my life.
3: My familes on both sides: Dave and I are lucky in that we have very similiar, close-knit families who enjoy each other's company. I don't get to see my sisters and folks very often - so when I do, it is very special to me (special shout out to my Dad who turns 80 today!!!). I see alot of the Taylor clan (all 30 of them!) and they help me to not miss my folks quite so much.
4: My Sallie Mae girls (from my last job): I love them all dearly, they are like family to me :):)
5: Having a secure job in this uncertain times - I am so grateful to one person in particular at SSA who was instrumental in getting me hired. She is a dear friend and will be for life.
6: All things pumpkin - food, decor, etc - I've been oding on it lately!!!!!

G+D said...

Hi MB! I saw you were tagged by Janelle, so I had to come and tell you that Janelle is actually my BFF's sister! Small world, huh? :D


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