Friday, November 07, 2008


So all of us have things about us that are unique, different, and yes, sometimes a bit weird. For some reason I've been thinking about my quirks that past few days and thought I would share a few for those that only know me through the blog world.

1. I absolutely LOVE squirrels. I would have one for a pet if I could. There are a ton of them around the campus where I work and I love watching them, especially during this time of year. They are so cute running through the leaves, snacking on acorns and chasing each other around trees. I usually try to see if they'll come up close to me when I'm walking down the sidewalk from my car to the office, and offer them a treat if I have animal crackers or triscuits in my purse. Yes, I'm 30 and I eat animal crackers. Love them.

2. Lately I've noticed that I have one phrase I use when something bad happens. If I drop, break, spill or otherwise mangle something, I say "that can't be good." If I hear something break in a store or restaurant, see someone trip, or any other unfortunate event, I say "that can't be good." I have no idea when I started to say this but it immediately comes out of my mouth at this point. I guess that's better than other words which I have used more frequently than I care to admit.

3. I like the smell of gasoline. That's about all I can say about that.

4. I was always obsessed with my stomach before I was pregnant. Any little bit of what I thought to be fat was always on my mind. Now that I'm dealing with post pregnancy belly issues I wish I had enjoyed those flat tummy days a lot more.

5. I go to sleep with the TV on. I don't like being in the pitch dark, and since the hubby works nights I need something to keep me "company" while I'm drifting off. Of course now that the boys are just a few feet away it is usually muted.

6. I love the dollar spot at Target. The hubs usually rolls his eyes when we walk in and I dart over to see what goodies they have that day. He calls it junk, but it is a pot of gold to me. This last Target trip I got two sets of hats and mittens for the boys, a cute owl birthday card, and adorable fall scrapbooking stickers. See honey...not junk!

7. I have about 10 or so crafty business ideas in my head at any given time. Since I can't act on any of them right now because I have zero time it is really driving me crazy. I still think one day I'm destined to make a career out of my creativity. Hopefully my intuition is correct.

So what are your quirks?? I'm curious! :)


angiesparkles said...

Quirk #1: I can't sleep in. My body refuses. It doesn't seem to matter how late I go to bed, I will be up by 7. I've learned to embrace it though, and now its probably my favorite time to craft all day.

Quirk #2: I am terrified of garage doors. Always have been.

Quirk #3: Socks that aren't white or black make my feet itch.

Mandy said...

LOL :)

Those are great Angie!

Janelle said...

Quirk #1 - I say "Seriously" all the time
Quirk #2 - My favorite beverage is sugar-free grape koolaide.
Quirk #3 - I cannot go into our basement in the dark.
Quirk #4 - I like dill pickles dipped in applesauce - totally gross but yum!

Side note - your boys are so stinkin' cute.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm not a big part of your blog, but I read it all of the time and thought this would be great to comment to...

1. My phrase is "terrible" and I know where I got it...I got it from a guy who does impressions and his impression of Charles Barkely includes a lot of "terribles" and I've used it ever since
2. I have been told that I should be doing my craft as a business, but I don't have the confidence to do so (although I started trying to sell cards on, but my pic's are terrible so I question my success there)
3. I also share a quirk with Angie. I can't sleep in either, and yes, it's my favorite time to craft too!

Thanks for being interested!
Intern Jessica


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