Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'm really in denial over this cold weather. No, winter is not here. No, it is not 25 degrees outside. NO!!! *stomps feet like a preschooler*

I absolutely hate being cold, and once I get cold, it is almost impossible to warm me up. Especially my feet. I have a space heater at work directed at my feet and they still remain icicles. I have no explanation.

What I do love about this time of year is all the comfy, cozy accoutrement (yeah...big word for me) that go along with it.

I love dressing up in tights and boots for work.

I love wearing scarves.

Not a big fan of gloves but I can handle them as long as I have a cute pair.

I love having even more of a reason to get a vanilla latte from Starbucks or fix a ginormous mug of hot chocolate in my Anthro mug. It has a W on it...found it on ebay for $1.99 so I figured the W could just stand for some secret word only I know.

{flickr representation of said mug}

I love sweaters. I have a ton of them but usually pull out the same two or three staples most days of the week.

I love fires and candles lit in the fireplace.

I love soup, and dearly miss getting a steaming cup of tomato basil and a grilled cheese from our now closed Sacred Grounds coffee shop.

{stand-ins for the real thing}

That soup was altering. Seriously. The hubs has tried a few times to duplicate it and is getting closer. I have faith in him. And he makes a mean grilled cheese with sourdough and havarti.

So I guess what I'm saying is that I can put up with the cold temperatures as long as I have all of the above. And of course this year I have the extra warmth of snuggling with these two cuties.

Thinking warm thoughts...


Janelle said...

Here, here on the cold weather. I have already purchased my "crazy warm boots" and worn them. New to die for though - the almighty sweater sock.

Janelle said...

Back to tell you you've been tagged. Have fun creating your list.

Angela said...

Oooh, now I'm craving tomato basil soup and grilled cheese!! (havarti on sour dough? YUM!!!)


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