Thursday, January 29, 2009


So they say that your bedroom is supposed to be a haven...a cozy place away from the crazy world. Like most people, we've pretty much decorated every room in the house except for our bedroom. *sigh* And now with the boys it is usually a mess of diapers, wipes, baby bottles, burp cloths and other miscellaneous baby paraphernalia. I've been wanting to rearrange and decorate in there for a long time, and this past weekend we finally move the bed to the middle of the room, underneath a window. It allows us to each have our own bedside table which is nice, and also just makes the room cozier. I have grand plans in my mind for the room, including a chocolate brown, sage green and light blue color scheme, but if I can do the following things I think I'll be happy for now...

1} Get new curtains...a long chocolate brown panel is what I would like to do. These would be a nice contrast to the light walls, and also help block the light so the hubs can sleep.

2} Find a cozy coverlet that the hubs and I both like and that fits my color scheme...these two I found on ebay would be nice.

3} Change out our hideous natural wood bi-fold closet doors for white ones. I hate when people cheap out on things like this...of course we bought the house with them so I guess I can't complain.

4} Get a few new decorative accessories for the room...tall, skinny artwork for over the bedside tables (there is a $10 set from Walmart that I have my eye on...yes...Walmart) and a cute pillow for the bed like this one from Joom...

I wish we could paint, but that is definitely not going to happen for awhile. Probably not until we decide to put the house on the market. At least the room is a neutral tan color right now.

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