Monday, March 30, 2009

{4 am}

I'm pretty gullible when I'm up at 4 in the morning, feeding a hungry baby a bottle full of sweet smelling sustenance. I turn on the TV for just enough light during said activity, and the usual slim pickings includes lots and lots of infomercials that promise a six pack and slimmer thighs in just a week. I, of course, am very interested in gaining back my pre-two-babies-stretching-out-my-stomach body, so I watch intently.

Last night, Mitch Gaylord, USA olympic gymnast, had my full attention. He promised me that I could lose 5 pounds, up to 2 ab inches and 1 size in only 3 days! Wha?! Count me in Mitch! All you have to do, according to the infomercial, is move around this 2lb special Mitch Gaylord basketball, and the pounds just melt away. Seriously...send it to me now. And for the special price of not $100 (that is what it retails for people), but the super, crazy low price of $14.99. And that includes the basketball. I'm floored, and about ready to order if I wasn't tied down with a baby that would be a little more than annoyed if I made him take a bottle break.

I'm seriously still contemplating ordering this thing...I guess if it doesn't work the boys will have another ball to play with.

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Anonymous said...

HAHA! Guess what time it was when I bought my Windsor Pilates dvd and special ring?! Oh yeah, about 4:30a.m. after a Levi feeding =)


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