Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{mod cloth}

I interrupt the usual scheduled programming of house buying and baby updates to bring you an online store that I'm now obsessed with...mod cloth. Here is a sampling of items that I'm itching to buy...

Urban Sophisticate Dress

LOVE this! Its my favorite neutral color, flattering waistline for that post baby middle and would be great for work.

Emma Dress

This beauty is sold out and for obvious reasons.

Rebellious Beauty Queen Skirt

Another sold out item...I guess lots of women like the idea of being a rebellious beauty queen.

Perfect Perception Purse

Way out of my price range but the name is very fitting.

Eddystone Wool Gloves

I'd almost be willing to go back to winter weather just to be able to sport these beauties.

And these dish towels are too with a good reminder and one that pretty much sums up my morning drink of choice.

1 comment:

G+D said...

Love that bag MB! Oooh--and those gloves!


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