Thursday, August 12, 2010


No, this isn't a post about bottled water. Not really.

I don't blog much about my handsome husband because he is not a social creature. He refuses to facebook. Actually, he feels a little more strongly about it than that. He thinks facebook is the devil.


But I still love him.

He is also very honest. Brutally honest. And not just on occasion. Pretty much all of the time. Even when we are shopping and I say I think something is cute (that's my word for everything I like).

He'll usually make a face and say "really?!" or "that is hideous". And he means it.

But I still love him.

Last night we were at the mall and something similar to the above happened. I did my usual eye roll and my mother-in-law was with us so she joined with me which is always reassuring. Eye rolls are always better in pairs.

I told him that you can be nice and honest at the same time. He laughed and of course disagreed.

(I'm too nice and pretty much anyone who knows me can attest to that fact. But I try to be honest in the nicest way possible...really I do.)

I told him that he has no filter. He is like hard water. The hardest, most calcium-laced water you can find.

If we were a science experiment it would look something like this...

And I said he makes me look like Evian. Or maybe Aquafina. I won't pretend to be that fancy.

Did I mention that I still love him? I really do. But maybe I should buy him one of these for Christmas...

(Just kidding honey.)

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