Wednesday, August 04, 2010

{love list}

Happy hump day! I think it is definitely time for another love list, don't ya think?

1. Family

At the risk of starting out on a sad note, today marks the one year anniversary of my Granddaddy Landon passing away. He was such a fun, creative soul. And I love that I have my own Landon now, who already seems to really take after him. Love and miss you lots Granddaddy!

Two Landons - Summer '08

2. Tim Gunn

Tim is my absolute favorite part of Project Runway. I just watched his blog report on the first episode and he had me laughing out loud. The words "crack smoking judges" coming out of his mouth = hilarious.

3. BK coffee

Most mornings I make my coffee at work with my handy one cup coffee maker, but this morning (at the suggestion of my hubby) I tried Burger King's new coffee and it is really good - rich flavor and for a$1 you can't go wrong.


Their new 2011 catalog is on its way to my mailbox and I can't wait to look through it!

What are you loving today?


Shannon said...

Ummm, I bought a big magnetic calendar for my fridge today at Target. That's the most exciting thing I've got going on.

Wait! My ikea book came in the mail today too! There goes my afternoon...

The Martha Complex said...

My IKEA catalog came in the mail yesterday.

Today I am loving that Zaxby's Chicken Blue Salad!

Found your blog through One Porkchop. :)

Anonymous said...

I :heart: BK coffee too. It reminds me of when I worked for a golf course near me, I worked as a server for the banquette halls and the coffee was awesome and BK tastes just like it! YUM! I also love Roller Derby. I love The Radio Dan Show (and not just cause I'm on it, it really cracks me up and last night we had this blogger as a guest and she was a blast!) and I love my crazy family too!


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