Friday, August 27, 2010


You name it, I'm over it.

Over work.
Over my allergies.
Over emails...and more emails...
Over the million plus thoughts swimming around in my mind that all want center stage.

I'm majorly overwhelmed.

This pic of Ben when he was just a little guy pretty much sums up how I feel today...


Or this one of Landon...


Or maybe this one (a face only a mother could love)...


Work this week has gotten crazy busy. I work in higher education so late August is when things go from 0 to 60 in a matter of days.

Or minutes.

At least that is what it has felt like this year.

But on a much happier note, the weather here the past few days has been absolutely GORGEOUS and I'm hoping it will hold up for the weekend so we can get outside as a family to enjoy it.

It is starting to feel like Fall and that makes me SUPER (yes, I'm really, really) happy. I think I would actually use the word giddy.

Fall is like everything that is good about life bottled up into a season.

I have a love affair with fall.

If I could marry it I would.

But back to reality...

We are taking a little road trip on Sunday for a family event and we'll be in the car for 6 or so hours. Thank goodness for the coworker who is letting us borrow her TWO screen DVD player for the car.

I don't care if I have to listen to Toy Story, Caillou, Word World, Sid the Science Kid etc....for 360 will be worth it.

And 6 or so hours of time to look at magazines...knit...stare out the window and do absolutely nothing...




(This post was really just an excuse to pull out my favorite funny pics of the boys as babies)

Until next time...over and out. :)

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Such a good excuse to post those pics! Love em, so cute. I'm starting to see similar faces on my own lil guy!

Good luck on your roadtrip & have fun!


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