Thursday, September 09, 2010


Fall is here in Indiana! The weather today is absolutely perfect for a sweater and boots, which is my favorite fall outfit.

Now humor me a little.

I was so excited to pull out my boots this morning that I took a photo of my outfit.

A few disclaimers:

I took this as I was heading out the door to work
I'm a mom of twin boys, remember?
My impromptu tripod was our window ledge, hence the decapitation of my feet.
I couldn't be bothered with moving toys out of the way. (see #2)

So here's my outfit today...


And just so I look official like the true wardrobe girls (Jessica, The ladies of Academichic, etc...) here is the breakdown of my outfit:

Long sleeved T - Target
Sweater - JC Penney
Skirt - Walmart (which apparently I needed to straighten just a tad)
Boots - I honestly can't remember where I bought them, but they are Aerosoles. These suckers are going on their 5th or 6th year for me and I still love them.
Necklace - Forever 21

Now I just need a vanilla latte in my hand and it would be the perfect autumn morning.

What is your favorite Fall outfit friends?


Shannon said...

Very cute! This early mornin chill has me ecstatic. While it's not the *nicest* outfit, my (early)fall fave is a hooded sweatshirt and shorts. Because...well...apparently I'm still in college :)

Alice said...

You had twins?! You look amazing! Just popped over here cos I liked the comment you left at mabel's house. Your boys are gorgeous. I'll be coming back for a visit soon. Oh, and my autumn wardrobe? Anything that fits over my post-baby bum and the cast ob my broken hand! Xxx

The Barron Blog said...

HOT MAMA!!! I love your Fall outfit. Too cute.

Amelia said...

I regret very much that I have never owned a pair of boots. Okay, well I have snow boots, but they don't count!

Just in case you are wondering who I am...I am bloghopping from the list of readers who invited Cjane to read their blogs. It's nice to meet you!

Jill said...

Love it and you look awesome! I can't wait for fall!

Hey, tomorrow you'll have an award on my blog!

Watkins35 said...

Love the outfit, you look lovely, and believe me, no need for the disclaimers. Can't wait to get out my Autumn wardrobe as chocolates & plums are my faves. x

erin / dfm said...

ha! i love that you linked to jess; she's one of my best friends! :)


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