Monday, September 13, 2010

{love list}

Happy Tuesday friends! Here are some things that are making me feel all giddy today...

1. Fall decorations on my dining room table (and great fall reads as well!)


I'm in full on fall mood now and nothing makes me happier than some pumpkins and acorns, even if they are faux. I'm ready for a trip to the orchard for some real pumpkins and apple butter!

2. These slippers from Target...

Our floor temperature has been knocked down quite a few notches in the past week so I'm in desperate need for something cozy for my feet!

3. And these boots...

These lovelies have been on my "it" list for over a year now and they are back in stock!! Hoping they can come home with me very soon.

4. This lovely home...

So bright and airy with the perfect mix of vintage and modern.

5. Getting rid of clutter!

We had a garage sale this past Saturday and I'm hauling it all out again this Saturday. It feels sooo good to get rid of the things we no longer need and make a little extra cash. Whatever doesn't find a new home after this weekend's sale is either going on Craigslist, ebay, or Goodwill! (if you are in the Richmond, Indiana area, come on by and get some bargains!)

6. Acorns

We have tons of acorns in our yard right now and of course any squirrel lover also loves acorns. It is amazing to me how they are so many different colors. Some are bright shades of green while some are dark coffee brown. The boys love to collect them. Ben calls the tops "hats" - how cute is that?! I've collected quite a few for a future fall decor project.

What is on your love list today?


Kris said...

those boots are awesome! i need new ones this season too!

Watkins35 said...

LOVE your Autumn table - sooo gorgeous & inspiring too. And the boots (want them please). And acorns (one of my favourite nature finds - I think a walk is in order to find some) x

Kerith said...

I wish I needed warmer shoes. It was 104 here yesterday! Craziness! I've about had it with AZ anyway, too bad the economy sucks to the point that we are stuck here for the time being. I share your love for the fall - glad you are actually having one :)

Jill said...

I'm a little shocked that those boots are from Target! Really? I kind of want them too! Maybe I'll venture out to see if they have them in the store down from me. I would like to try them before I buy them.

Also, I love that house too!

And I love your Country Living Mag on your table too! :)


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