Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Boden is yet another reason why I'm in love with British culture.

They've cornered the market on cozy living spaces, which I discovered in this lovely magazine my friend Allison sent me.

Are they kidding with these gorgeous pieces? Someone hand me a napkin because I'm drooling...

This skirt is the perfect mix of fall cozy and whimsy.

I'm actually thinking I could DIY this necklace...what do you think?

Such a ladylike coat in a great shade of green.

They even have a super fun outfit maker so you can "try on" their pieces before buying. Genius.

This is my idea of a perfect fall outfit...

That necklace owns me.

What are you drooling over this fall in the wardrobe department? I would love to see what's on your wish list!

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Watkins35 said...

Boden are great aren't they (although a little pricy). Their warehouse is just up the road from where I work & I keep hoping they'll have a sale day!! I get their catalogues & LOVE the skirt you've posted. I also live in their comfy lounge trousers in the winter (even if some people think I'm wearing my pjs!) x


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