Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I can't help but make an Austin Powers reference when I look at our boys. They are really miniature versions of Dan and I in so many ways.

I may be a brunette now but back in the day I was sporting lighter locks, just like Ben's. And check out our matching profiles....


The minute Landon was born I immediately knew he looked like Dan. They both have this cute under the eye puffy thing going on, and not in a tired way....just like their cheeks decided to work their way up a little farther than most. Does that make any sense?

Oh can see for yourself here...


Ben has recently adopted a love for rocks, just like his Momma had when she was his age.

Here I am at 3 years old, noticeably proud of the collection in front of me. And here is Ben a few weeks ago with just about every rock he could find in his Gigi's yard.


(He doesn't look happy, but believe me, he was having lots of fun with those BIIIIIIG rocks).

It is so rewarding and inspiring to see their personalities start to come through, and how similar they are to their mom and dad. I like to think they will be their own people with all the best parts of us mixed in.


Watkins35 said...

how lovely, and how cute are you with your rocks! x

The Barron Blog said...

Aww, how cute! Yes, they do each look like you and Dan. How funny.

mandie lane said...

Cute! Definitely some clear resemblances there!


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