Monday, September 13, 2010

{well hello there, officer}

I have tried really hard to not use the mommy brain card lately. But I had to pull it out today to avoid a case of serious embarrassment.

The scene started as I was leaving the McDonald's drive through for a much desired (but certainly not needed) large Coke.

Pulling out, I noticed a cop car was behind me. I made sure my hand were at 10 and 2, turn signal was on, and went back to waiting for the light to turn green.

The light turns green and I make a perfect left turn (thank you very much officer). Right after we both make it round the turn, on go his lights. I pull over, thinking he is, of course, going to go right past me.


He is pulling me over. Perfect 10 and 2, turn signal using, supermom of twins.

Surely he was mistaken.

My mind starts racing trying to figure out what I did wrong (other than purchase that 16 ounce cup of tasty sugar and empty calories).

My second thought was, "I reallllly hope the registration is in the glove box."

He comes to my window and asks for my license and registration.

First I fumble trying to wrangle my license out from its little plastic protective sleeve in my wallet. Don't you HATE those?!

Then, I reach in the glove box, praying the registration is there. I usually let the hubs worry about these things.

And then I see it! Relief....followed by noticing the green sticker with the numbers "11" on it, still attached to the form.

Mr. Policeman notices too.

"That's what you're missing!"he says.

I immediately pointed to the two carseats in the back and made some reference to having two toddlers and not knowing if I'm coming or going etc...

I think he bought it.

He even asked for a napkin to wipe the dirt off the license plate before he attached the wayward sticker.

My hero.


Sarah said...

Lucky Duck!!:)

Tamara said...

I'm glad you got a nice officer in a good mood!

cb said...

that is soo awesome! i have had a couple of instances like that! what a nice cop for not giving you a ticket for something so silly, glad it worked out in your favor!


Shannon said...

And he put it on for you? What a guy! I totally freak anytime I see a cop near me even though I've done nothing wrong. And a delicious mcdonalds fountain coke is NEVER wrong!

Kerith said...

Ok, boo for him pulling you over, but at least he put it on for you :) I can't imagine what life will be like once # 2 arrives! You are my hero!


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