Thursday, November 17, 2011


My outfit is pretty blah today, but I added some color with a cute new ring, my lavender scented heating pad {tweaked my back a few days ago...ouch!} and a free Starbucks vanilla latte...

Just the pops of color that I needed, right? :)

How are you accessorizing today?

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Nicky said...

You look so cute!

I had a couple of those neck pads (made with scented rice?)... that I LOVE... funny you mention your back.. I saw my chiropractor today for the same thing... we look like twins!

Have a great weekend.

Jodi said...

Sorry about your back, that's a pretty cute heating pad though! (And ring :) Yeah Starbucks! Sorry you don't have the Target to go with it ;) You made me feel better about my coffee creamer and Christmas goodie snacking - thanks for that comment!


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