Friday, November 18, 2011


So yesterday I posted a pic of me wearing a heating pad. A super cute one covered in Amy Butler fabric. It has been a constant friend to me the past few days, after I woke up Tuesday morning with an awful pain in my back. Just a few minutes in the microwave and it provides a good hour of deep, soothing heat mixed with the calming scent of lavender.

I received it from someone close to me for my first Mother's Day. A fitting present for a new mom to twins, right? At the time I appreciated it for its cute fabric and sweet smell. But this past week, I've appreciated it for a whole lot more.

The person that gifted it to me is someone I've known my entire life. And things aren't well between us right now. It is difficult. And with the holidays coming up, I'm going to say that I'm honestly very sad about the reality of our situation.

But this cute bundle of lavender wrapped in Amy Butler fabric is such a comfort to me right now. It not only soothes my aching back, it also adds warmth to a place in my heart that has been hurting for awhile now. It is a reminder of a happy day when we celebrated motherhood. And it gives me hope that things will get better.

And for that I am very thankful.

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