Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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In a conversation recently with my Mom, I told her that when I got pregnant, all I thought about was having a "baby", but not really about the fact that those babies turn into people. I know that may sound silly, but taking care of a baby and these four-year-olds that we now have is such a different challenge.

They are people now.

With opinions.

With different tastes in food.

With favorite outfits.

And now we can add school to their identity...

Yesterday was their first day of school. And I'm happy to report that we all survived, and the only tears that were shed were mine {without the boys seeing of course}.

I have to admit that I'm struggling a bit with the fact that they aren't "all mine" anymore. That someone else is teaching them and shaping them. I love the school we chose and the teachers are wonderful, but it is still hard to let go. And I know that this is just a warm-up for kindergarten. I'm very thankful for God providing this stepping stone for all of us to adjust to a new phase of life as parents, and for them as individuals.

And I'm also amazed at how, in just four years, you can adjust so fully to parenthood that the thought of your child not needing you just about takes your breath away. If I've learned anything since becoming a parent, it is the fact that every day brings a new adjustment. A new way to grow and be a better version of yourself. I'm leaning on the supportive words of fellow parents and also the strength I feel from God to get me through this phase, which is putting a lot of strain on my sensitive heart.

But enough of that deep stuff ;) are a few more photos from their first day...
  1. Dan walking Landon into the building {we actually got married in the same building and walked down that same sidewalk as the new Mr. and Mrs. about memories!}
  2. Had to have some fun with my DIY chalkboard
  3. Benny and his super dinosaur backpack
  4. The boys are sharing a cute. :)
And just for a taste of things to come with our is the shirt he picked out to wear...

He is most definitely going to be the class clown. :)

And to help make their nap time a little easier to adjust to, I had my friend Kelly from CraftTherapea make them their own pillowcases...

I absolutely love them and the boys do too. I highly recommend Kelly if you are looking for something personalized!

I'm just so happy that the first day is over and hopefully it will get easier as time goes by. Or you all can at least lie to me and tell me it will. :) Have you been through this phase already? Have any words of wisdom for me?

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DianeTaylor said...

I cried reading this post - they really are grown up!!! I feel like I have watched them from afar these last 4 years become uinque and individual people. It's a whole new world going to school and they will soak it all up like sponges! It's truly amazing to see - thank you once again for sharing with us.


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