Saturday, August 04, 2012

{ready for....preschool?!}

Holy cow you all. 

I can't even believe that I'm typing the words preschool.

Weren't the boys just learning how to walk, and eat on their own, and drink out of a big boy cup?


But its true...and Friday made it VERY real because we took them for a tour of their preschool.

I was SUPER nervous about it but the minute we walked in the door and I smelled that school know the one. The smell of glue sticks, construction paper, well-loved books and tempura paint all mixed together?

Ahhhh. :)

This is their cute are their little cubbies?!

The assistant teacher that met us and showed us around made me feel very at ease right away. The boys played outside with the other children for a bit, and then came in to look around the classroom. She let them play with some scissors and construction paper and they LOVED that. 

They also loved playing with all of the toys...

They had so much fun that they didn't want to leave...especially Landon. Made my heart very, very happy and relieved so much of my anxiety. :)

And of course afterward the only thing that made sense was to head to McDonald's for Happy Meals...

Goodness I could kiss that boy's sweet face ALL day. :)

But the day of firsts wasn't over yet! We went to Target that evening, and they both picked out their very first backpack...

Dinosaurs for Mr. Benny and Batman for Mr. Landon... {sorry for all of these crappy cell phone pics}

They also each got their own shiny new pair of scissors. And then this happened all over the living room floor...

But they were having fun with it...couldn't be mad about that. :)

I guess there is no denying babies are growing up!

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Marina said...

Time flies.. :) I love their classroom, so cute!

Jen said...

Aww their little backpacks are so precious! We will be doing the same thing next week.


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