Monday, August 27, 2012

{the messy part of parenting}

I got a little encouragement from Sophie over at The Forge to share one of our not so pretty moments from the weekend. 

In particular, the messy part of parenting.

The age of 4 has brought some pretty fun and wonderful qualities out in the boys, and a whole new phase of learning. But it has also brought out quite a bit of independence and disobedience. They have been testing me like no other lately, especially my little Benny.

Yesterday I took the boys on a little outing to Walgreens to pick up a Sunday paper and a few other essentials {essentials meaning cotton rounds so I could take off my chipped nail polish}. The boys were fairly good in the store, but when we got out to the sidewalk in front of the car, Ben refused to step off the concrete. Feet firmly planted, tears welling up in his eyes.
I don't want to go home!!! 

He started crying, yelling, the whole shebang.

I had to snatch up his not-so-little-anymore 32 pound body, kicking and screaming, and force him into the car. He hit his head on the door frame for an added bonus. Mother of the year right here.

And does anyone else do this? I was so frustrated, angry, and embarrassed that I started laughing while I was trying to discipline him. Yeah...that helps A LOT. ;)

I've found myself having a very short temper with the boys lately when they are acting like this. When they tell me no. I shouldn't have to explain why I'm telling them no, right?

Because I said so. 

Because I'm your Mom. 

Because I know best.

Those explanations don't tend to fly anymore. I need to work on lengthening my rope, taking deep breaths, and not raising my voice at them so quickly. And accepting that maybe I'm a bit more of a control freak than I care to acknowledge.

And throwing in some humor doesn't hurt...

Source: via Angels on Pinterest

Just thought I would share this little snippet of our reality, in hopes that some of you can relate, feel a bit better about your parenting, or maybe just make me feel better about mine?

You can do that below in the comments. ;)

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Sophie @TheForge said...

oh I feel so honored that I inspired you to post this :) I really want to try to be more open about life and who I am as a person. It's hard to open up about things like that to complete strangers and always worry about what they may think...

And I am a control freak myself so I totally understand what you mean haha!


Anonymous said...

Story of my life! Granted, my oldest is still 3, not 4, but I feel you on the disobedience. I have had a major problem with my patience lately as well, I'm hoping with time it'll get better!

Jen said...

That picture is hilarious. Oh parenting. Why can't there be a handbook ;)

Anonymous said...

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