Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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You all I'm SO excited about today's contributor to Blogging Moms @ Home. My sweet friend Erin from Design for Mankind is here to give us a glimpse into her ridiculously amazing home and how she shares it with her daughter Bee. So happy to have you Erin!



Hi, ladies! I'm Erin Loechner, a writer/stylist/designer living in the Midwest (you can find me here and here online). Fun fact: My older sister and Mandy were good friends in high school and I used to be so jealous when Mandy would come over for sleepovers and I couldn't hang out in the room to gossip about boys. (Mandy had the best hair cut, btw.) Anyway, I have a nine-month-old baby and am just entering the thick of the baby-proofing stage, so my decor is pretty reflective of the season we're in!


 I like to keep an inspiration board handy and have found that washi tape and a few cork boards are the perfect combo for me. Perfectly temporary, perfectly out-of-reach for baby Bee.


I'm a firm believer that grown-up objects can make great toys, and toys can make great grown-up objects! I often scatter a few of Bee's toys on our office credenza (you can see her favorite rattle in the background on the right), and one of my favorite decorative items are some vintage marbles for Bee to play with when  she's older.

. babyproofing living room 

Cable-knit poufs are the best babyproofing tool ever, right? (Say hi to our soft-coated wheaten terrier, George!)


I stash most of Bee's toys in this toy chest above (it has the cutest chalkboard lid!), but to be honest, I leave most of them out during the day. They're just so playful to look at, and isn't cleaning up after a nine-month old kind of like shoveling your driveway during a snowstorm?


Also, I swear by FLOR tiles in my house. With two dogs and a baby, the ability to lift up a corner of the carpet and throw it in the laundry is a serious luxury.


 My office and the living room are combined, so Bee's often sneaking over to my corner workspace and playing with wrapping paper, the vent or tracing her hands over the confetti decals on the wall.


 One of my favorite things to decorate with are books. And yes, I always read them first!


Thanks so much for having me, Mandy! I'm off to chase that sweet terror above. ;)

Image Credits: My dear Husband


Thanks so much for sharing your space is SO inspiring!

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Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

so adorable! what a cute house!

courtney {splendid actually} said...

love it love it. i'm a frequent reader of erin's so it's crazy that you guys have known each other for so long!

Freckles Chick said...

What a gorgeous space (& baby!)!!


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