Friday, May 10, 2013

{gift in a jar}

Looking for a last minute Mother's Day gift?

I put together a fun little gift in a jar to give to my Aunt this weekend and it was super easy.

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Here's what I used >>>

1. mason jar {Hobby Lobby}
2. Cuppow lid
3. fabric tape
4. turquoise pendant {Hobby Lobby}
5. candy

Not pictured >>> ribbon and gift tag

I threw in the candy, fastened on the Cuppow lid with the jar's ring, added the fun fabric tape with some ribbon and a gift tag, and also included a pretty pendant because I know that she loves turquoise and enjoys jewelry making. This way, not only does she get to enjoy the candy, but she can also use the pendant and repurpose the jar into a travel mug.

Pretty sweet, right?

This gift can be made to fit any holiday or special many fun things you could throw in there!

I'm definitely going to be using this idea again...and again... :)

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