Tuesday, May 21, 2013

{we can do hard things}

Things have been a bit quiet here on the blog front. At least from me, that is.

I was honored last week to feature the lovely homes of five of my dear blogging friends for a great series, Blogging Moms @ Home. It was my first time hosting a blog series and I will definitely be doing it again soon! {if you have ideas...leave them for me in the comments!}

But back to that quietness.

I've been taking a two-week intensive writing course, "Finding Your Voice," which started last week and it will finish up this Friday. It has reopened my eyes to my love for writing. And given me a safe space to share. To say I am loving it is an understatement. I'm trying so hard to not think about Friday, and the fact that it will be over. I'll have to go it alone after that...good-bye to the safe group of friends to share my intimate heart spilling with...no more four hours a day full of inspiration and encouragement. Did I mention I'm going to miss it? 

My Discovering Your Truth workshop partner-in-crime, Amy, is the writing course instructor, and in many ways this past semester, has been my savior. She's helped awaken me to possibilities for my life that I think I always knew were there but didn't have the courage to let in.

Let me tell you a bit about Amy.

She is southern. She is fun. She is honest and encouraging and real. I didn't realize how much I was craving that real-ness until she popped into my little life. It was like God knew just what I needed. Funny how He works that way. If I had one wish for everyone, it would be to find a friend like Amy. Or be open to letting them in...it seems like they come to you if you let them. 

And sound the alarm friends...I'm reading again. Not just blog posts and Facebook status updates...but BOOKS people, BOOKS! I just finished The Happiness Project and I think next on my list will be Daring Greatly. I also just started this book, which was co-authored by a friend and alum of the seminary I work for. So far I'm loving the idea of using all of our senses in our spiritual journey. I might have to workshop that. {wink}

And thanks to my classmates and Amy, my book wish list on Amazon is growing exponentially. 

I am jotting down ideas here and there for my next workshop. The first one got my feet wet and now I am working on letting the water come up to my knees, or maybe even my hips. We'll see...I am afraid of deep water...this presents a metaphorical challenge.

Right now I'm leaning on this quite heavily...

Oh, and speaking of hard things! If you don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I wanted to share that my husband and I met with the boys' kindergarten principal last week and this fall they will be in the same class! Such a weight lifted. My freak out is over. I know many of you were keeping us in your thoughts so thank you so much for that!

So after all of that rambling, I just want to let you know that I'm still here but very immersed in this writing thing...and getting ready for a 5th birthday party for two certain boys I know. {hold me}

But fear not...more fun posts are on the way! :)

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courtney {splendid actually} said...

so glad that things worked out and you have that relief! also, keep sharing the books you are reading! i need to get back into the routine and maybe this will be my encouragement!

Amy Lyles Wilson said...

Thank you, precious girl. It's easy to champion you, because you are so worth it. And in return, you have saved me.


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