Tuesday, July 09, 2013

{the rough days}

Yesterday was a doozie.

It started out OK, aside from the fact that it was a Monday. The boys started their first day of a new summer camp with a cooking theme...so fun, right?

But then right after school we had to take them to get their 5 year shots. 

This is when my motherly anxiety kicks into overdrive, big time.

We hadn't told them ahead of time because we knew they would freak out and it would be next to impossible to even get them through the front door of the doctor's office. So we didn't break the news to them until we were in the room with the nurse. 

We took them separately and I went with Ben first. He was so brave and such a trooper until after the first shot {there were 4!}. The poor guy lost it after the first shot. They do them in their upper legs because their little arms are so skinny, so he was laying on the exam table and I had to basically hold him down for the other three. Talk about horrible. The poor thing had broken blood vessels around his eyes after it was all over from screaming so hard. 

I held him and rocked him to try and calm him down but he was so worked up. But amid all of that heartbreak came the sweetest thing...he kept sobbing, "I don't want Landon to have to do it!" Bless his heart. The thing I love most about my Benny is his caring and loving heart. He worries about others...he wants them to be happy and not hurting. He didn't want his brother to have to go through what he just endured. 

Broke and filled up my heart all at the same time.

Landon's experience was equally as horrible...lots of screaming. :(

Afterward Dan took them to get a new minion toy...

That of course helped quite a bit. :) 

{and that up there is more like what our family room usually looks like}

And speaking of my heart filling up, over the weekend Landon said something that just about made my heart burst. I was fixing dinner and out of the blue he came up to me and said, "Will you pray with me Momma?" At first I thought he said "play" but nope...it was "pray." 

So I kneeled down and he sat on my knee and thanked God for his toys, our house, our food and for Mommy and Daddy. I worry that we don't pray enough with the boys but if this is any indication, we aren't doing such a bad job after all. 

Snuggling with him on the couch after praying with him...these sweet moments are the best part of parenthood for sure.

I wouldn't want to redo yesterday but I'm so thankful that we made it through, and today is a new day!

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Alyson McMahon said...

So so sweet. And oh man, the fact that he didn't want Landon to go through that too. That make me tear up. What lovely boys you have. Thank goodness these kids are all so cute, because they make the rough days that much more barable right?

Crystal said...

It's so tough to see your kids in pain and how sweet of Ben to say that about his brother :( being a parent is tough in times like that.


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