Monday, April 14, 2014

{ode to a friend}

I was lucky enough to spend some time with one of my dearest friends today. She lives in Tennessee so we don't see each other very often. She is a friend like I've never know before. All I have to do is be me, and that's enough. Some days just thinking about the level of friendship we share brings tears to my is truly one of the best gifts in the world. 
This is a piece I wrote about her during the writing class she taught last spring...

I Drink Them Down

"That's my girl," she said. I don't know if it is the southern accent or the motherly inflection that do it for me. I hold them in my mouth for awhile, my tongue absorbing their sweetness before I drink them down. They sustain me, those three words. They call up each of my insecurities, my fears, my scars, and give them a tight squeeze around the neck, then politely tell them where to go. 

Wishing this kind of friendship today for you my friends.

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DianeTaylor said...

LOVE THIS!! Eeveryone needs and deserves a friend that makes them feel this way.


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