Friday, April 11, 2014

{tiny victories}

The week before last, I volunteered to help out in the boys' art class. 

I was SO excited...visiting the boys at school + art? Sign me up! 

It was the last day of school before spring break {cue the crazy}, and the teacher gave them oil pastels. 

So basically by the time art class was over, the tables and floor were covered with rainbow scuff marks and I was a bit shell-shocked.

But what really caught me off guard was when the kids lined up to go back to class, I looked over to wave bye to Ben and he had huge tears welled up in my sweet blue eyes. His cheeks were bright red. He didn't want me to leave.

Oh how I remember that feeling. 

On more than one occasion my parents had to leave me at school in the same condition. Now this wasn't anything compared to our first day of school melt-down, but he was visibly shaken. I offered to walk with him back to class and sat by him for a minute at his desk, but the tears were still coming.

Realizing I had left my purse in the art room, I told him I was going to get it and come back. In my head though, I was thinking I would probably peek back into the room and make sure he was OK, and quietly leave. {Yes...technically I lied to him, but parents have to do that from time to time which sucks but it is for their own good...blah blah blah.

After I came back from getting my bag, they were all in the hallway lined up at the water fountain. He was still upset, but better, so after he walked around the corner I quickly made my way for the door. 

Oh how it hurt my heart...I just wanted to stay with him.

But I want him to be brave and know he can get through situations like that. And I was proud that he made it through the day after I left.

Today I went back to help in their art class again. At first, when I asked the boys about coming, Ben quickly said he didn't want me to come. He didn't want to get upset again. So I tried to think of a way to make it fun and not give him the time to get upset. I asked him if it would help if I left before the class was over, and he agreed. So while they were busy cleaning up their tables and putting their glue bottles away, I gave them both quick kisses {so glad they still let me do that in public} and snuck out the door.

And all was well. 
Those tiny parenting victories feel HUGE. 

And balance out the fact that I might let them get Burger King for dinner tonight. 

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