Wednesday, April 02, 2014

{spring break adventures}

I've been spending the past four days immersed in life with my boys. 
They're on spring break and I'm soaking up 5 whole days of sleeping in, road trips, and quality time together. I've been forcing myself to put my phone down and focus on them. Not that I haven't been sharing photos on Instagram, but I really am proud of how I've made them a priority and stayed off of social media. I haven't even done any drawing, aside from doodling dinosaurs with Ben. And I'm totally OK with that. :)
Since Saturday we've been to our favorite nearby shopping area, IKEA { that was a bit more for Dan and I}, and today we took them to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. 

We're a pretty simple family on a tight budget, and a trip to Target and Toys R Us is enough to keep us happy. Little things like watching the boys test out the "big cars" in the toy store put a smile on my face...
And hanging out in the Target cafe while they eat KFC chicken because Panera is too "fancy" for them...
Crazy boys. One day they will enjoy a good cup of broccoli and cheese soup. 

I love that they get as excited about IKEA as I do...
OK...I might have told them ice cream would be involved after we shopped.

I love that we've started having dinner conversations...
like, "Mom! What is your favorite part of Toy Story 3?!"

For the record...mine is when the aliens save them at the end. :)

And then there was the museum today...they absolutely loved it. Ben practiced his paleontologist and dino drawing skills, Landon absolutely loved the dinosaur fossils, Ben and I rode the carousel together, and Landon even lost his second tooth while we were there. Lots of really great memories. The kind that make your heart feel a bit bigger when you go to bed that night.
As Landon and I were walking down the stairs at the museum, he told me, "This is the greatest day ever!" was pretty great my handsome boy. 

Tomorrow Dan works all day and I'm really looking forward to a day just me and my boys. We're going to go out for a coffee shop breakfast and I have some fun crafts planned to decorate their bedroom. Post coming soon on that!

They are going to be 6 in less than two months and I just can't believe how quickly this past year has flown. I'm so ridiculously proud of them. And I officially love spring break.

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Crystal said...

Sweet! Glad y'all are havig fun! Enjoy crafting today!


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