Monday, September 04, 2006

{first signs of fall}

We went to my parents this weekend and had our first fire in the firepit...roasted hot much fun. Fall is my favorite season so I try and milk it for all its worth! It is also my Dad's birthday on Thursday so we gave him his birthday present and had a little celebration. Dan practiced his photography skills and got some great photos so I thought I would share the best ones. The sunset on the way home was so beautiful so I thought I would share that one too.

I also put out some of my fall decorations over the weekend. I don't go overboard with it..just a wreath for the front door and a few miscellaneous pumpkins perched here and there. I've been really enjoying this cooler weather...time to break out the sweaters, jeans and boots...heaven!! :)

The US Open is on right now...another reason why I'm happy. I played tennis in high school so part of me still feels like an athlete...LOL :) I'm rooting for Federer and there are a few women I like...won't really mind who wins on that side.

Found out this weekend that Dan's cousin Pete and his wife Faith are expecting their first child...yay! I'll live vicariously through her until we 're ready for our own bun in the oven!!


Valerie said...

The pics are absolutely gorgeous!! Wish I could roast hot dogs in a fire pit, how cool!! Looking forward to fall too, with all the changes..but I still LOVE summer!!

andie said...

i miss fall


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