Friday, January 11, 2008

{Friday, oh how I love you}

This has been a loooong week and I'm soooo glad its finally Friday!

Got some good news this morning. The replacement cabinets and counter are finally in for the kitchen! I'm hoping our contractor can get them installed today. He works super fast and is ready to get started so hopefully by the end of today we'll have a working sink again! *fingers crossed* You can be sure I'll be posting pics right away!

In baby news, we're hoping to go out of town to do some shopping this weekend. My work clothes are all getting too snug, so I desperately need some dressy pants and tops. I've tried ordering online, but being a taller girl has made that difficult. I definitely wish I had a job that let me wear jeans...that would make life so much easier.

I found this crib on and love it...especially if we have two girls.

I love the vintage/cottage style, and it is a convertible crib. Oh, and it is only $200! I'm counting the days until the 30th and hoping we find out the sex. I'm so anxious to get started on the nursery!

I got some much needed scrapbooking time in this past week and have some fun pages to share. But, I've been too lazy so far to scan them. That will be another goal of mine this weekend. :)

1 comment:

Kim said...

That crib is very cute. I sure wish they had all the "really cute" stuff when my kids were babies. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen pictures.


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