Wednesday, January 30, 2008

{a million directions}

Today has been one crazy day and lately I feel like my mind has been pulled in a million different directions all at the same time. I woke up feeling really lightheaded and dizzy, so I had to have Dan go out and get me a big breakfast. By 10:00 I was feeling much better. I also had to call around and find someone to install a new water heater in the house...of course that goes right when we're paying for the kitchen too. Go figure.

Today we go for our 21 week ultrasound which I'm so anxious, excited, scared and nervous about. I just want to see them and know that they are doing OK in there. I'm also really hoping we can find out the sex today. We are both really anxious to know so we can pick out their names and start decorating the nursery. You can be sure I will post an update if we find out!

The kitchen is finally coming along. Yesterday I had a plumber come in to hook up the sink, dishwasher and disposal, and our contractor hung the rest of the cabinets. We are just so happy to finally have running water again! You don't realize how much you take something so simple for granted until you don't have it for 2 months! I am in love with our sink and faucet...they really make the room. When I left this morning our contractor was working on the tile behind the sink, so I'm looking forward to seeing how that turns out. Here are a few new pictures...we even put away most of our dishes last night-->

I *heart* my faucet :)

These are the tiles for behind the sink...kind of like Subway tiles. They'll be staggered for a "brick" effect.

Gotta love an organized cabinet!!

I discovered a few musical artists yesterday that I'm enjoying...

Nicole Atkins and A Fine Frenzy

I'm really into soothing music right now...not suprising. :)

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Anonymous said...

the kitchen looks great!!! And I can't wait to hear about the appointment today!


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