Thursday, January 31, 2008

{Oh Boy!}

So we had our big ultrasound yesterday and the verdict is in!


We were both kind of expecting a girl and a boy, but we are so excited and thankful that they are healthy and everything looks like it is coming along the way it should be. They were so active during the ultrasound that the doctor had a hard time getting their measurements.

Now I'm so excited to start putting the nursery together. This is the bedding from Walmart that I really love. Its modern and fun and I love the nature theme-->

Being huge sports fans, Dan just a tad more than me (that was sarcasm :), we of course have to get them Cincinnati Reds outfits. Look at this cute baby hat!

And cute little outfits to match :)

And of course they are going to be born right at the beginning of baseball season...what could be more perfect? :)

On to exciting kitchen news...I have a few more progress pictures! the hardware and crown molding are installed on the cabinets, the tile behind the sink is done, and today he was starting to put the floor in! I can't wait until the walls are painted...that will really pull it all together. :)

We are supposed to get a nasty winter storm with up to 8 inches of snow starting tonight. I'm secretly praying for a snow day so I can stay home from work. :)

Hope everyone is having a good day!


Kim said...

CONGRATULATIONS x 2. How very exiting. AND, you can't go wrong in Cincinnati Reds outfits. Both my boys had Reds outfits! We just got our tickets yesterday to go see them in Spring Training.

I love, love, love the bedding. They have so much cute baby stuff nowadays. I'm so happy and excited for you (and I've never even met you).

Congratulations again.........

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHH! Two boys!!!! I'm telling you what Mandy, there is NOTHING sweeter than having a little miniature man, and to have two is just going to make your heart explode. I had no idea until Levi came how amazing it would be to have a son. I could NOT be more excited for you!!

Making it Lovely said...

Congratulations! You're going to have a very busy house with two little boys. ;)

What fun it will be to put together a nursery!

(Your kitchen's looking great so far too…)


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